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Faculty Members

The School of Business Administration

Prof. Aviad Armoni

Adv. Ronen Algarisi

Prof. Dan Elnathan

Prof. Hadas Galender

Dr. Dvora Geller

Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, The School of Business Administration Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University. M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior, The School of Business Administration Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University.

Lecturer at the School of Business Administration, The College of Management.

Head and owner of DG business, organizational consultant, providing management consulting and training services, coaching and leading organizational changes.


Prof. Eli Gilbai

Professor Eli Gilbai is a the founder and Academic director of the Master of Business Taxation Program (M.B.T.) at the College of Management, Chair of tax studies.

School of Management, Tel Aviv University. He holds an LL.B. from Bar Ilan University Law School, and B.A. (Accounting and Economics), LL.M. and J.S.D (2003) from Tel Aviv University.

Professor Gilbai taught at Tel Aviv University Law Faculty, and nowadays teaches at the M.B.T. and School of Management, Tel-Aviv University; he holds the Chair of Tax department at the Israeli Accountant Council.

In the past, Professor Gilbai served 13 years in the Israeli Tax Authority, in several positions, including Vice Income Tax Assessor for Major Factories, and Manager of Receivership, liquidation and Bankruptcy division of the ITA Commissionership. Since 2003, Professor Gilbai manages Prof. Eli Gilbai – Law Firm.

Prof. Oren Gil-Or

eyal_inbar small1

Dr. Eyal Inbar

Dr. Eyal Inbar received his Ph.D in international relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is deals a lot with the relations between politics and economy/business.

He has a lot of academic and practical experience on the European Union, and especially on its relations with Israel.

Dr. Inbar taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the Tel Aviv University, and developed courses on the EU, on international political economy and on the relations between politics and business.

Dr. Inbar was a co-author of a book analyzing potential future relations between Israel and the EU. He is a member of the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration since its establishment and was a board member for several years.

Dr. Inbar is currently researching Israel’s cultural traits as an engine for innovation

Dr. Gali Ingber

Dr. Gila Keinan

Dr. Meir Kogman

Adv. Nava Korman

Dr. Yael Lapidot

Ronit Levin

Adv. Merav Malcman

Prof. Ronny Manos

Ronny Manos is a senior lecturer (finance) and head of the Thesis Programme at the Shool of Business Administrationat, College of Management, Academic Studies, Israel. In addition, she holds the position of a visiting scholar at VU, Amsterdam.

Her PhD in Finance is from the Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK.  She has been on the faculty/taught at various institutions including Birmingham Business School, UK; Loughborough University; Cranfield School of Management, UK; Open University, Israel; the International Executive Program of the Zicklin School of Business in Singapore, Taiwan and Paris; Haifa University; and at the Technion, Israel.

She teaches a wide range of courses including corporate finance, financial management, investment theory and applications, quantitative tools for finance, international finance and small business finance.

Dr Manos’s areas of specialisation are corporate finance in emerging markets; corporate governance; corporate social responsibility and firm performance; and microfinance.

Her work has appeared in journals such as Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Venturing; and Journal of Economics and Business, among others.  She is the co-editor of three books on microfinance and corporate social responsibility and performance.

Dr. Avi Messica

Adv. Uri Morad

Adv. Eli Or

Dr. Gila Oren

Dr. Gila Oren is a Senior Lecturer, head of the Marketing and Strategic Management Department at the School of Business Administration. She holds BA and MA degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Ph.D from the Faculty of Management at Ben Gurion University (2014).

As part of her role as head of Marketing & Strategic Management studies, Dr. Oren constantly spearheads initiatives that aim to offer her students a comprehensive up-to-date curriculum.
She is the founder and leader of a professional pedagogic project (4 by 4) that aims at excellence in applied student training.

Dr. Oren brings with her over 20 years of a rich and diversified experience in the marketing and advertising industry.

Over the years, she has managed research and strategy departments in leading organizations such as Gitam BBDO, Keshet Broadcasting, NANA 10 (Channel 10’s Internet site), Bolton Advertising Agency. In addition, she served as head of branding committees, tender committees and held various consulting positions for the Ministry of Education, the Israeli Consumer Council and numerous other commercial and public companies.

Dr. Oren’s main fields of interest are the meeting points between Management and Contemporary History, the visitation experience of Heritage sites, second generation Holocaust survivors and contemporary representations of memory. She wrote her doctorate on the Heritage Sites visitation experience, using the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp as a test case, based on her extensive knowledge of both Management and Holocaust studies. The study of the emotional visitation experience in the context of dark sites that exhibit death and atrocities is unique and innovative in general, and in academic research in particular.

Dr. Oren is a professional Holocaust educator and a Yad Vashem certified museum and Poland guide. In addition she has been leading groups for the “March of the Living” organization since 2009.

Dr. Oren has attended numerous professional seminars at Yad Vashem and  the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, including the Poland course, Auschwitz Seminar, Częstochowa seminar and more.

She  is also a member of the OFEK organization that studies group relations. She has participated in several “Tawistok” conferences on the subject of victims and perpetrators in World War II.

Ziv Segal


Prof. Yaakov Weber

Professor Yaakov Weber is a full professor, at the School of Business Administration. He serves as the Director of the Research Unit.

Prof. Weber’s studies were published in leading international academic journals, such as Strategic Management JournalJournal of Management, Management Science, Journal of Business Research, California Management Review, and Human Relations, among others. His papers received more than 5000 citations in leading journals and books. Several papers were selected by various academic collections and were described as represent “the most significant new material” and, “most important works published in Sociology” (in 1996).  Other papers are “2nd most cited in last 5 years (2010-2015) and “most read” (2011-2015), or “most download” in 2017, in leading journals. He served as associate editor and he is in editorial boards of several journals and act as a referee for numerous other leading journals. He is Guest Editor for special issues, some have already published in leading journals, such as Human Resource Management, California Management Review, Journal of World Business, Thunderbird International Business Review,and more. Recently Prof. Weber is the winner of the Outstanding Author Contribution Award. Among his books, one was invited by Financial TimesA Comprehensive Guide for Mergers and Acquisitions, and was published in 2014. This and his other books, such as Handbook of Research on Mergers and Acquisitions, and, Mergers, Acquisition and Strategic Alliance can be seen in AMAZON.

Prof. Weber is Co-Founder and Co-President of the EuroMed Business Research Institute (www.emrbi.org), the EuroMed Academy of Business and the EuroMed Research Centre. EMRBI performs variety of internationalacademic/business activities (conferences, business research, teaching, and training programs, etc.) that involve businesses and consultants in, and related to, the Euro-Mediterranean region. In addition to his current positions, Prof. Weber established and was the head of several programs at the College of Management, such as the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and the International MBA program. Previously, he held several senior academic positions at the School of Business Administration at Hebrew University, and at the School of Management at Ben-Gurion University. Prof. Weber established in Israel the first International Management Program for Executives at Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Weber has been senior consultant to CEOs, top executives and directors in leading domestic and international companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola, Dead-Sea Works, Society of Israel Plastics & Rubber Manufacturers, largest International Engineering company in Israel,  Health-care Organizations, The USA-Israel Chamber of Commerce, large and small organizations in Chemical industry, High-Tech industry and many others in various industries as well as to the largest international consulting firm in Israel. His recent large project of international consulting was to an international merger in Moscow, Russia. Prof. Weber conducted numerous workshops to top executives in many countries. Recently (2017), he conducted workshop to the senior executives of one of the 4 largest investment companies in China.

Dr. Uri Weiss

The Haim Striks School of Law


Prof. Yifat Bitton

Professor Yifat Bitton is an associate professor at the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN), and a member of the Striks School of Law Faculty, where she heads “Tmura, The Israeli Clinical Center for Equality.” She holds an LL.B. (1996), an LL.M. (2000), and a Ph.D (2004) from Hebrew University (2000) and another LL.M from Yale University (2009).

Professor Bitton was a Fulbright fellow during her visiting researcher term at Harvard University(200402005). She taught as an Affiliated Visiting Faculty at the Peking University School of Transnational Law (2011-2014) and taught at New York University as an Israel Institute Visiting Faculty member (2018-2019). Bitton was also a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg (2016).

Specializing in protecting h(w)oman’s rights to freedom from violence, Prof. Bitton served as Senior Researcher and National Coordinator for the European Cooperation of Science and Technology (COST) on “Femicide” (2014-2017).

Prof. Bitton is the co-founder and chair of Tmura, The Israeli Clinical Center for Equality, where she litigates human rights torts cases, a field initiated by her, for 20 years, voluntarily. For her long-lasting human rights work, she has won myriad social and legal awards and prizes. Among them: The Aliance Prize for Education and Social Change, 2016; The Minister of Social Equality Award for Organizations Fighting Violence against Women, 2016 (Given to Tmura); “Honoris Causa” Award, the Israeli Bar Association, 2015; The Safra Award for Excellence and Contribution to Israeli Society, 2015. Nominated Forbes’ 50 Most Influential Women in Israel, 2015; The Bernice Tennenbaum Prize for innovative feminist, The Hadassah Foundation, 2014;         The Human Rights Activist Award, The London Human Rights Annual Dinner, 2014; Dafna Izraeli Fund’s Prize for Israeli Feminist Leadership, 2013.

Prof. Bitton was shortlisted twice for Israel’s Supreme Court, 2016, 2018, making history as the youngest woman to ever appear on the list and the first woman of Mizrahi descent to appear on the list.

Research Interests and teaching

Tort Law, Antidiscrimination Law, Human Rights Law, Jurisprudence, Feminist Analysis of Law


Prof. Iris Canor

Prof. Orit Fischman Afori

Prof. Orit Fischman-Afori is an associate professor at the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN).

Prof. Fischman-Afori is a graduate of LL.B. (magna cum laude) and PhD in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof. Fischman-Afori served as a guest researcher at California University, Berkley, US in 2007, and as a guest researcher at Cambridge University, England in 2013.

Prof. Orit Fischman-Afori is a researcher in the fields of intellectual property, copyright law, design law, and law and technology. Her worldwide published researches present multi-dimensional examination of intellectual property law and Prof. Fischman-Afori is also developing diverse legal tools for promoting this field. Furthermore, her publications include the development of the interface between intellectual property and human rights, emphasizing the importance of remedies in the development of substantive law, and promoting open standards along with practical tools for developing intellectual property law.

Prof. Fischman-Afori is often invited to lecture in Israel and worldwide.

Prof. Orit Fischman-Afori teaches a variety of courses and seminars in the field of intellectual property and the mandatory course in Corporate Law.

SSRN Author Page: http://ssrn.com/author=605436

Research Interests and teaching

Intellectual Property, Law and Technology, Copyright, Designs, Corporate Law.


Prof. Yifat Holzman- Gazit

Yifat Holzman-Gazit is a Professor at the School of Law, College of Management in Israel. She has a JSD (’97) from Stanford Law School and an LL,B (cum laude ’89) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her areas of research are land expropriation, history of Israeli land law, real estate appraisal, tree protection legislation, and media coverage of Supreme Courts.

She is the author of Land Expropriation in Israel: Law, Culture and Society (Ashgate publishing 2007) and has published numerous articles on the formation of Israeli land expropriation jurisprudence, the Jewish National Fund, the role of real estate appraisers in expropriation claims and press coverage of Israel’s Supreme Court.  Prof. Holzman-Gazit has been a visiting professor at Stanford Law School as the Schusterman Israeli Visiting Professor (2007-2008) and a Senior  Michigan Grotius Research Scholar at University of Michigan Law School (2014).

She was a member of the International Committee of the Law and Society Association and serves on the boards of the Israeli Law and Society Association and the Center for Media and Law at Bar-Ilan University. In addition, since 2010 Prof. Holzman-Gazit has served as the representative of the Israeli legal academy in the Advisory Committee for Land Expropriation. Prof. Holzman-Gazit is also a community activist in preventing unnecessary removal of trees.

Research Interests and teaching

Land Expropriation, Zoning, Property Law, Law and Media, Empirical Legal Studies.

Dr. Nili Karako-Eyal

Dr. Nili Karako-Eyal is a senior lecturer in the Haim Striks School of Law, The College of Management, Israel. She teaches torts, civil procedural law and health law. She is the head of the patients’ rights clinic in Israel, which provides free legal assistance to patients and their families.

She holds a L.L.B degree from the Tel- Aviv University School of Law and a Ph.D. in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Following her studies, she clerked for the Honorable E. Matza J., of the Israeli Supreme court.  Dr. Nili Karako-Eyal is an expert in theoretical, comparative and legal research. Her research, which has appeared in both peer-edited journals and law reviews, includes patients’ rights, bioethics, public health, medical negligence and tort law. Her main fields of interest are:  informed consent, new eugenics, vaccination and the dying patient.  She has recently received a grant from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for a research regarding the Israeli Dying Patient law. She takes part in several bioethics research projects, including projects in the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Bar-Ilan University.


Dr. Ruthy Lowenstein Lazar

Dr. Ruthy Lowenstein Lazar is a lecturer and a researcher at the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN), and a member of the Striks School of Law Faculty, where she servs as the head of the “Clinical Center for Law and Society” and the head of the “Women’s Rights clinic.” She holds an LL.B. from Haifa University (1998); an L.L.M from the University of Ottawa Canada (2004) and a Ph.D from The Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada (2009).

Dr. Lowenstein did her Post Doctorate at the University of Haifa and was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University. She also worked at the Israeli District Attorney.

Dr. Lowenstein was a board member in “Itach-Maaki- Women Lawyers for Social Justice” (2008-2014), was a member in LEAF’s (Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund in Canada) subcommittee concerning an appeal before the Canadian Supreme Court (R. v. J.A.). she was the Head of the Law School Equality Promoting Commission (2012-2013), and Member of the College’s Committee on Sexual Harassment (2013). She develops and promotes a variety of policy change and social change projects in the area of law, gender and social change.

Her scholarly work deals with marital rape, sexual violence, affirmative consent in rape cases, battered women who kill and clinical legal education. 

Research Interests and teaching

Criminal law and gender, violence against women, sexual violence, consent in criminal law, clinical education and law and social change.

Prof. Yuval Merin

Prof. Yuval Merin is an associate professor at the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN) and serves as the Dean of the Haim Striks School of Law since October 2019. He holds an LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1993); an LL.M. (1997) and a J.S.D. (2000) from New York University School of Law.
Prof. Merin was a visiting scholar at UCLA School of Law (2004); served as Vice Dean of the Striks School of Law (2004-2008); and served as the Head of the Teaching Committee (2011-2019) and the Head of the Graduate Programs (2016-2019) at the Striks School of Law.

Prof. Merin’s research focuses on the rights of suspects and defendants, on theories of social justice and feminist jurisprudence, and on the interplay between gender, family and the law.

He is the author of numerous books, articles and book chapters in the fields of evidence law, civil procedure, gender and human rights. Among his publications are the books Equality for Same-Sex Couples (Chicago University Press 2002); and Civil Procedure in Israel (co-authored with Ido Baum and Nili Eyal, Klewer Law International 2013).

Research Interests and teaching

Evidence Law, Civil Procedure, Human Rights Law, Gender and Feminism

Prof. Suzie Navot


Dr. Roy Peled

Roy Peled is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Haim Striks School of Law at the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN). He holds an LL.B. from the Interdisciplenary Center and an LL.M. and PhD from the Tel-Aviv University Buchman Faculty of Law. His doctoral Thesis dealt with legal mechanisms to promote fairness in the media and was written under the supervision of professros Daphne Bara-Erez and Michael Birnhack.

Dr. Peled taught at Columbia Law School as an associate-in-law in 2011-2013.

He served as the Chairperson (and earlier as director) of the Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel, and is a board member of the movement. He is a member of the public councils of  HaShomer HaTzair and of Yesh-Din – Volunteers for Human.

Research Interests and teaching

Constitutional and Administrative Law, Freedom of Information, Transparency and Public Participation, Public Discourse, Freedom of Expression and of the Media.

Dr. Karni Perlman

Dr. Karni Perlman is a researcher and lecturer in the field of Law and Conflict Resolution. She is a lecturer and the Head of the Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center at Striks School of Law, College of Management Academic Studies, Israel.

Perlman is also an adjunct lecturer at the Evens Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Tel-Aviv University.

She holds a LL.B. (cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University (1990); a  MA (cum laude)  (Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Graduate Program) from Bar-Ilan University (2005) and a Ph.D (cum laude) from the Law Faculty at Bar-Ilan University (2010).

Dr. Perlman specializes in the field of Law and Conflict Resolution both academically and in practice. She is the author of various academic articles and other publications. Perlman’s book, Conflict Resolution – Applying Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice, introduces important transformations that have taken place in the content of judges’ roles as dispute settlers and explains the nature of settlement judging and therapeutic judging. It also describes the change that is taking place in the content of lawyers’ roles.

At the level of legal practice, Dr. Perlman is a well-known mediator who actively mediates cases in the field of commercial and labor law. She participates regularly in international mediation and negotiation competitions in which she serves as a judge or as a coach of student teams. Perlman is the founder and former chairperson of the first Israeli academic mediation center.

Perlman is a frequent lecturer in continuing legal education programs for judges and attorneys, and organizes advanced courses and training workshops for professionals involved in collaborative proceedings.

Dr. Perlman is a member of the Global Advisory Council of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the chairperson of the Israeli Chapter for Therapeutic Jurisprudence. She is also the founder and manager of the Israeli academic lecturers’ forum for collaborative justice.

Research Interests and teaching

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Settlement Judging and Judicial Dispute Resolution, Problem-Solver Lawyers, Procedural Justice, Mediation, Gender, and Legal Education

Prof. Yoram Rabin

Professor Yoram Rabin is the president of the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN), and a member of the Striks School of Law Faculty, where he served as Dean (2011-2015). obtained his LL.B. from the College of Management Law School. He attended Tel-Aviv University earning LL.M. degree on 1997 and JSD (doctorate) degree on 2002.

Prof. Yoram Rabin was an adjunct professor in constitutional law and Criminal Law at the IDC Radzyner School of Law. He was appointed Legal Adviser of the Israeli State Comptroller from 2015 to 2019. Rabin authored and edited several books on Public Law, Human Rights and Criminal Law. He is one of the founding members of The Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel. Member of the National Committee for Reform of Education (Dovrat Commission), 2003/4.

He was editor of “Hamishpat” Law Review (2005) and the “Hapraklit” Law Review (The Israeli Bar Law Review) (2005-2015). In 2008 he published (together with Dr. Yani Vaki) what has become Israel’s leading textbook on Criminal Law. A second edition of the book’s two volumes was published in 2010 and the third edition, adding a third volume, was published in 2014.

His books and articles have been cited many times in judgments of Israel’s Supreme Court.

Research Interests and teaching

Criminal Law; Administrative Law; Constitutional Law; Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; and the Right to Education.


Prof. Haim Sandberg

Professor Haim Sandberg is an associate professor and a member of the Striks Law Faculty of the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN). He was head of the school’s research foundation, academic director of the graduate program, head of the civil and commercial law cluster and editor of the School’s law journal (Hamishpat).

Professor Sandberg holds an LL.B. (1990), LL.M. (1995) and LL.D. (1999) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professor Sandberg is teaching courses and seminars on Property Law at The Stricks Law School and at the Law Faculties of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv University. He lectures on the subjects of his expertise in other academic institutions and public forums, both in Israel and abroad.

Prof. Sandberg was a member of the Israeli Council for Higher Education (CHE)(2012-2017) and his name was officially published as a candidate for the position of Supreme Court justice (November 2016). He was a member of governmental bodies and committees in the fields of real estate and high education.

Prof. Sandberg is member of the Israeli Bar (since 1991) and advice governmental bodies, public institutions and commercial firms.

Prof. Sandberg specializes in property law, real estate law, and history of Israel land law. His fields of research also involved in constitutional and feminist aspects of property law, tension between cultural religious and civil norms, trusts and charities. He has published many articles and books on his fields of expertise.

Research Interests and teaching

Property Law, Land Law, Land Registration, Trusts, Constitutional Law, Law and History, Law and Culture

Dr. Tamir Shanan


Prof. Zvi Triger

Professor Zvi Triger is an associate professor at the Striks School of Law Faculty, where he served as Vice Dean (20011-2013). He holds an LL.B. from Tel-Aviv University (1997); an LL.M. (2004) and a J.S.D. (2004) from New York University School of Law.

He is the author of numerous books, articles and book chapters in the fields of family law, contract law, and gender studies. He was the scientific editor of the Hebrew edition of Carol Gilligan’s book Joining the Resistance (2016).

Research Interests and teaching

Family Law, Contract Law, Law and Culture, Legal Feminism, LGBTQ Rights

Limor Zer-Gutman1

Dr. Limor Zer- Gutman

Limor Zer-Gutman is senior lecturer at the Striks School of Law Faculty, College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN), and the founder and head of the Weiner Center for legal ethics and Professional Responsibility. She received her PhD from Stanford Law School, her LL.M from UCLA law School and her LL.B from Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty.

She is the Chief Editor of “HaMishpat” Law Review since 2013.

She served as consultant for the UN, E4J Integrity and Ethics University (2017-2018).

She was editor of the “Professional Ethics”, a journal of the Israel Bar Association, which is published 4 times a year. The journal includes editorial articles and decisions of the bar’s national ethics committee (2002-2014).

She wrote several bills for the Israel Bar Association, including advertising rules (2001), other engagements rules (2003), and amendments to the Israel Bar Association Law.

Dr. Zer-Gutman established and maintains a database on lawyers’ professional ethics, where it is possible to easily retrieve rulings, articles, lists, and legislation.

She served on two public committees that dealt with the legal profession in Israel. The first, In 2001, the public committee for reviewing internships and certification exams. The second, in 2013, the public committee for reviewing the Israel Bar Association. She wrote several bills for the Israel Bar Association, including advertising rules and various amendments to the Israeli Bar, Act.

Dr. Zer-Gutman is a consultant and writer of Codes of Ethics for a range of organizations, including the Audit Commission of the Prosecutor System and State Representatives in Legal Proceedings, the Striks School of Law Faculty, Defenders of Youths in Criminal Proceedings at the Public Defender’s Office, law clinics in Israel, and for private investigators.

Research Interests and teaching

Ethics and professional responsibility of lawyers and judges, the legal profession, regulation of lawyers, regulation of the judiciary, ethics education, formulating and instilling Codes of Ethics

School of Economics

Dr. Dalit Gafni

Gil Greshler

Dr. Einat Nuoman

Dr. Itamar Shabtai

Dr. Haim Shapira

Prof. Erez Siniver


Prof. Itzhak Zilcha

Phd in Economics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1976).
Research Interests: Economic Theory, Decision making Under Uncertainty, Economic Growth and Inequality, Futures Markets, Insurance, Information, Higher Education.
Teaching: Advanced Microeconomics, Economics of Uncertainty, Growth Economics, Insurance and Information.

School of Computer Science

Dr. Kfir Bar

Dr. Moshe Butman

Dr. Yehuda Elmaliach

Dr. Yehuda Elmaliach is the former Dean of the School of Computer Science. He is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University. He is an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of the robotics company Cogniteam, committee member of the Ministry of Economy ‘s technological innovation authority, and board member at BladeRanger.

His research focuses on multi robot systems and algorithms, His joint publications on robotics have been published in Annals of Math and Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Physical Agents, and numerous conferences.


Dr. Galit Haim

Dr. Galit Haim serves as the vice dean in the Computer Science department in the College of Management Academic Studies. In addition, Galit is a lecturer in the CS department and a researcher in the Artificial Intelligence field. She holds a PhD. in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University (2014); a M.Sc in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University (2008) and a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science (2003) from Bar Ilan University.

Dr. Galit Haim also teaches in Bar Ilan University in the Computer Science department the course of “Artificial Intelligence”.

She is a program chair in some of the worldwide leading conferences of Artificial Intelligence, and a member in the IAAI (Israel Association AI).

Galit has more than 15 years in the high-tech industry as a Senior programmer and a team leader in the fields of real time and embedded systems.

Research Interests and teaching

Human and Computer-agent Negotiation and Interaction, Machine Learning, Agents, NLP and Algorithms.

Introduction to Computer Science; Algorithms; Data Base Systems; Data Science; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Shay Hotivitz

Prof. Samuel Itzikowitz

Prof. Samuel Itzikowitz is a professor at the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN) and serves as the Dean of the School of Computer Science since 2019. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Applied Mathematics from Tel Aviv University, Israel, in 1972 and 1976, respectively, and his Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, in 1983.

From 1983 to 1986 he was the head of the Oceanography and Underwater Acoustics Department of the Israeli Navy. He was a faculty member of the Computer Science Department of Tel Aviv University, Israel from 1986 to 1992. In 1987 he was awarded the 3 years ESHKOL scholarship by the Israeli National Council for Research and Development.  Since 1992 he has been with the College of Management where he is the founding head of the School of Computer Science Department and served as dean between 1998-2010 and took over this position again in 2019.

Prof. Itzikowitz is the author of refereed scientific publications in various areas, including: underwater acoustics, numerical analysis, mathematical modeling, signal processing, parallel algorithms, and digital video systems. Prof. Itzikowitz, Navy Commander (retired), has a long-standing record as a project officer on long-term international military R&D projects in signal processing and mathematical modeling.

Dr. Eliahu Khalsechi

Dr. Ludmila Marcus

Eliav Menashe

Dr. Yafit Natani


Dr. Igor Rochlin

Dr. Igor Rochlin received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University in the field of Search Theory and Game Theory. Prior to his doctoral studies, he served in leading positions in the Israeli high-tech industry and has a strong R&D background. Through his experience in both research and industry, Dr. Rochlin emphasizes theoretical contributions with real-world applications.

At present, Dr. Rochlin’s research focuses primarily on artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, dealing with cooperation, influence of fairness on efficiency and economic search. Within this realm, particular attention is given to the role that information plays in multi-agent settings, typically incorporating considerations of various types of environments, distinguished by the agent’s goals (fully-cooperative or self-interested). In addition, Dr. Rochlin works to develop innovative energy efficient strategies for a number of important open problems in the field of cognitive radio networks.

Dr. Rochlin’s research has been published in the proceedings of leading competitive conferences and journals in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, his research has won several awards and invitations for special fast tracked papers in prestigious artificial intelligence journals (e.g. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (JAAMAS)).

Yossi Shlosberg

Dr. Nezer Zaidenberg

School of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology

Guy Abutbul Selinger

Dr. Guy Abutbul- Selinger

Dr. Guy Abutbul Selinger is a lecturer and the head of the undergraduate program in Behavioral Sciences at the College of Law and Management in Israel. He completed his PhD at the Sociology Department at Brandeis University and his post-doctoral studies at the sociology department at Tel Aviv University.

His research deals with everyday ethnicity in the Israeli middle class, multi-ethnic families in Israel, and everyday dimensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During 2016-2018, Dr. Abutbul-Selinger received an excellence in teaching from the College of Law and Management.


Dr. Joy Benatov

Dr Joy Benatov is a faculty member at the Department of Psychology at the College of Management Academic Studies.

Dr Benatov is a child and adolescents clinical psychologist. She holds a B.Sc from Tel-Aviv University (2004); a M.A and Ph.D from Bar-Ilan University(2011). Served as a post-doc fellow at the Interdisciplinary Center (2016).

She has worked at the Ministry of Health, and at Schneider Children’s Medical Center. Her  work is aligned with the scientist-practitioner model. As a clinician she specializes in clinical evaluation and psychological treatment of at risk youth and their families that suffer from mental disorders and emotional difficulties. Experienced in applying a variety of evidence based psychotherapeutic interventions such as: Psychodynamic Treatment, Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Mentalization based therapy.

Her main research areas include suicide prevention among adolescents, specifically identifying high risk groups and characterizing unique risk factors and trajectories contributing to suicidal risk among these groups.  As well as, developing evidence based suicide prevention strategies within educational settings.  An adjacent field of study she studies is the connection between bullying and suicide behavior among children and adolescents.  An additional field of research Dr Benatov is focused on is development of school-based psycho-educational intervention programs for enhancing psychological resiliency and decreasing intergroup prejudice.

She serves as an advisor to national organizations such as the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, Ministry of Education.

She serves as a reviewer for several peer review journals (Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Transcultural Psychiatry, European Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry).

Research Interests

Suicidiology, Depression, Bullying, School-based interventions


Abnormal psychology, Developmental psychology, At risk Youth, Conduct problems


hanna benoni

Dr. Hanna Benoni

Dr. Hanna Benoni received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Tel-Aviv University (2013). She then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Open University of Israel (2012-2013), and continued as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science (2014-2016). Hanna joined the Department of Psychology as a faculty member in 2014, and she now serves as the head of the B.A program in psychology and runs the Visual Attention and Cognition Lab

Research Interests and Teaching  

Cognitive psychology, Visual attention and perception, ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Object recognition.

Blumenstein Picture

Prof. Boris Blumenstein

Prof. Boris Blumenstein is the Director, Department of Behavioral Sciences at the Ribstein Center for Sport Medicine Sciences and Research at Wingate Institute, an Associate Professor at the M.A. program of Psychology of Sport and Exercise at the College of Management Academic Studies (Colman), and an Associate Professor at Givat Washington Academic College .

He received his Ph.D. in Sport Psychology in 1980 from the All Union Institute for Research in Sport Department of Sport Psychology, Moscow, Russia (former USSR). His extensive experience in sport psychology spans some 40 years, culminating in applied work at the elite level. He has been a sport psychology consultant for the Soviet national and Olympic teams (1975-1984) and since 1990 he has been a head of sport psychologist services to the Israeli national and Olympic teams (including delegation to Atlanta, 1996; Sydney, 2000; Athens, 2004 and Beijing, 2008).

Prof. Blumenstein has about 100 publications (of which 63 are published in peer-reviewed journals, 29 are book chapters, 5 are books and 2 are a co-edited book). He delivered about 50 professional presentations and international workshops in the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. In addition, he is past President of the Israeli Society for Sport Psychology.

Research Interests and Teaching  

Mental skills training for performance, stress-performance relationship, biofeedback training, effectiveness of different mental interventions athletic competitions readiness.


Dr. Keren Friedman- Peleg

Dr. Keren Friedman-Peleg is a senior lecturer at the School of Behavioral Science, and the Dean of students at the College of Management – Academic Studies, Israel. She obtained her PhD in Tel-Aviv University, in the department of Sociology and Anthropology, under the supervision of Prof. Yoram Bilu and Prof. Moshe Shokeid (2009).

Friedman-peleg was a visiting scholar at the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania (2016), and a visiting assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology and of the Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies at UC Berkeley (2018).  Based on her ethnographic research at non-profit organizations in Israel – NATAL (The Israeli Center for Victims of Terror and War) and ITC (Israel Trauma Coalition) – she published articles about the intersection between clinical questions of diagnosis, treatment and prevention and socio-political questions of national belonging and ethnic inequality in leading journals, such as Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry and Transcultural Psychiatry (with Y. Bilu). The full manuscript of her doctoral thesis – entitled “A Nation on the Couch: The Politics of Trauma in Israel” was published by Magnes – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Press (2014), and by the University of Toronto Press (2017). Her new manuscript, “National Security, Emergency Preparedness, and the Psychological Project of ‘Building Resilience’: Governance and Cultural Mediation on the Border of Israel and Gaza” is currently under review by University of Pennsylvania Press.

Research Interests

Anthropology of the Therapeutic Discourse, Security-related Trauma and Resilience, Nationalism, Ethnicity and Inequality


Introduction to Anthropology, Qualitative Research Methods, Contemporary Theories of Culture, Anthropology of the Therapeutic Discourse

Dr. Gillie Gabay

Dr. Gillie Gabay is a senior lecturer at the College of Management Academic Studies (Colman), and a member of the School of Behavioral Sciences and Psychology, where she served as the head of the Graduate Organizational Development program (2016), the chair of the school’s steering committee (2016) and the chair of the Systemic Organizational Development Track which she founded (2009-2016).

She holds a Bachelor degree in Social work from Tel-Aviv University (1992); a Master  degree in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University and a Ph.D (2000) in Business Administration and Systems Science from Portland State University, Oregon, U.S.A. Her doctoral dissertation supervisor was Prof. Talya Bauer.

Dr. Gabay taught at Tel-Aviv University and at Portland State University and is a visiting professor and a research fellow at the school of health economics, University Cattolica, Rome.

Dr. Gabay serves as an ad hoc reviewer at the Advances in Healthcare Management Journal (Emerald), INHP Israel, QMJ International Journal of Medicine, PLOS One, Journal of Medical Ethics and Qualitative Health Research.

She served as a volunteer with teen moms at the Salvation Army, with youth at Unistream organization and with the mentally retarded at a non-profit organization.

She is the founder of the patient-doctor center for intervention and research and she manages a public blog aimed at promoting patient-centered care.

She is the author of three books in the field of the doctor-patient relationship. Her most recent books (co-authored with Moskowitz, Silcher, Gere, and Zemel) deal with patient-centered care and medical professionalism in hospitalizations. She published in Journals such as: Qualitative Health Research, BMC Medical Ethics, Bioethics, Patient Education and Counseling, and more. She leads and is involved in international research on resilience of medical professionals in public hospitals.

Dr. Gabay works with managements in leading systemic changes in complex organizations.

Research Interests

Patient-centered care, antecedents and outcomes of trust in health: reducing re-admissions, resilience, patient-clinician communication, burnout in health.

Dr. Lael Gershgoren

Lael Gershgoren, PhD, is an assistant professor, a researcher and a consultant in sport, exercise, and performance psychology. He graduated with an MA and PhD from Florida State University. Dr. Gershgoren is a faculty member in the Academic Collage of Management at Rishon LeZion where he mostly teaches sport psychology in the master level program in psychology of sport & exercise.

His research in sport psychology evolves around four main areas: (a) team coordination and shared mental models (SMM), (b) decision-making and decision-time within the perceptual-cognitive-motor linkage, (c) team cohesion and its effect on the individual and team performance, and (d) determination and motivation in youth sport and parental involvement. Dr. Gershgoren’s studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals in sport psychology. Additionally, he serves as a reviewer for several journals in this domain. Dr. Gershgoren is conducting his applied work mostly with elite athletes in various individual and team sports. Furthermore, he serves as a performance enhancement consultant for the Combat Fitness Department, Doctrine and Research Branch, IDF.

Anat Guy

Dr. Anat Guy

Dr. Anat Guy has a Ph.D in Social Work from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Guy is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Behavioral Science, College of Management Academic Studies, Israel, where she is chair of the M.A program of Family Studies.

Guy has written several chapters and articles on topics in gender, parenting and changes in personal values. Her current research projects include gender entrepreneur and intersectionality (Het Foundation), and ultra-orthodox women in Israel (College of Management Research Foundation). Outside of academia, Guy is a family therapist and a member of family therapy institute “Reut” in Jerusalem.

Iris Orbach

Dr. Iris Orbach

Dr. Iris Orbach is the Head of MA program in “Sport and Exercise Psychology”, the College of Management Academic Studies (Colman); the Head of “Health Promotion Program” at the Nat Holman School for Coaches and Instructors, Wingate Institute; a researcher and a sport psychology consultant in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at the Ribstein Center for Sport Medicine Sciences and Research, Wingate Institute.

Dr. Orbach received her Ph.D. in Sport Psychology in 1999 from the University of Florida, Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, in Gainesville, Florida, USA. She worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Sport, Fitness and Leisure Studies at Salem State University, Salem, Massachusetts, USA. In addition to teaching, Dr. Orbach has published numerous articles and book chapters, and has given presentations at national and international conferences on topics related to sport psychology. She is the coauthor of the books “Integrated Periodization in Sports Training & Athletic Development”, “Mental Practice in Sport: Twenty Case Studies” and “Psychological Skills Training”. Dr. Orbach uses her psychology skills as a consultant for athletes at all skill levels. In her free time, Dr. Orbach enjoys running, bicycling, swimming, weight lifting, and all kind of fitness activities.

Research Interests and Teaching

Stress-performance relationships, youth and motivation in sport, biofeedback training, effectiveness of various mental training practices, physical activity and wellbeing.

Dr. Eldad Rom

Dr. David Segal

David Segal, PhD is a full time faculty at the School Behavioral Sciences, College of Management Academic Studies (ComaS), where he served as Associate Dean (2008-2009), Chair of the Family Studies Graduate Program (2013-2016), and Head of the Management and Human Resources Major (2010-2016).

David Segal, PhD is a clinical psychologist and a senior organizational consultant. He served as a Chief Psychologist at the Department of Neurology (1996),  the Day Rehabilitation Unit (1997), and the National Hemophilia Center (1997-1999), at The Chaim Sheba Medical Center. He also served as a member at The Public Committee for the Designation of Estate Funds, The Administrator General, The Ministry of Justice (2007-2014).

David Segal, PhD was an invited lecture at the Seminar on Women Entrepreneurship – Challenges and Successes (ComaS)  (2016), the Seminar on Society, Authorities and Restorative Justice – Constructing Perceptions of Sexual Assault (Bar Ilan University) (2013), and the Symposium on “The Limits of supervision” (IPPA – Israeli Association for Organizational Development, Ramat Gan, Israel) (2010). He also presented papers at the 13th European Congress of Psychology (20113), and the 12th Biennial conference of the  international society for the study of work and organizational values (ISSWOV) (2010).

Research Interests and teaching

Organizational Leadership & Behavior, Parenting.


Dr. Keren Shakhar

Dr. Keren Shakhar is a senior lecturer at the School of Behavioral Sciences and Psychology in the College of Management Academic Studies (Colman). She received her M.A in Consulting Psychology and Ph.D from Tel-Aviv university. She then continued for post-doctoral studies in the Department of Oncological Science at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Dr Shakhar has taught at various institutions including Tel-Aviv University. Haifa University, The Open University and the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo.

She is the author of articles and book chapters in the field of health psychology.

Research Interests

Psychology of health, psychoneuroimmunology, fertility, cancer, sickness behaviors, vaccine hesitancy

Dr. Avi Shnider


Prof. Shmuel Shulman

Shmuel Shulman has been a full professor in the Department of Psychology, College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN) since the 2017-2018 academic year. Professor Shulman received his PhD in clinical psychology from Bar Ilan University.

 He was faculty at Tel Aviv university for ten years, after which he returned to  Bar Ilan University where he served as head of the graduate program in clinical psychology,  head of the Department of Psychology and  Dean of Students.

Professor Shulman served as an affiliative professor in the Department of Psychology at Florida Atlantic University, Ft. Lauderdale.  In addition, he was a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, Yale University (Department of Psychiatry), York University (Toronto), Jyvaskula University, Finland and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He was also a DAAD fellow at the Universities of Bonn and Jena in Germany.

In addition to his academic work, Professor Shulman is a senior clinical  psychologist.  He worked for almost fifteen years in an adolescent inpatient unit at the Abarbanel Hospital, and in a clinic serving children, adolescents and their families (Ministry of Health).  A few years ago he co-founded a clinic for young adults at the Shalvatah Mental Health Center.

Professor  Shulman is  currently on the editorial  boards of Journal of Adolescence, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood. He served on the editorial  board of the  Journal of Research on Adolescence between 2006 and 2012.

Research Interests and Teaching

Development, adaptation and pathology among adolescents and young adults.  These topics are studied with the framework of Developmental Psychopathology. Professor Shulman has a number of ongoing longitudinal studies:

  1. Development and adaptation (career and romantic relationships) in young adulthood. In this study young adults have been followed for a period of 12 years.
  2. Romantic and sexual pathways from adolescence to young adulthood. Participants have been followed for nine years, since the age of 16.
  3. The role of psychological intervention in the attainment of developmental task and decrease in depression and anxiety. Pre and post comparisons are conducted.

Professor’s Shulman’s studies were funded by the BSF, ISF, the Ministry of Health and the Anti Drug Authority.

Dr. Ido Ziv

Dr. Ido Ziv is a lecture in the Psychology department of the College of Management Academic Studies, where he served as an Acting Head (2014-2015) and Vice Head (2015-2017). He holds a Ph.D (2007) and a M.B.A. (2008) from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

. Dr. Ziv is a Clinical Psychology experienced at focal intervention as well long term psychotherapy. He is a member of the International Association for Relational psychoanalysis (IRAPP) and the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP). Dr. Ziv serves as a mental health officer in his military service and occasionally also psychologically accompanies IDF wounded Veterans in their rehabilitation journeys.

Research Interests and teaching

Young adults and romantic relations, anxiety and stressful situation, mental resilience, parental presence and skills, social cognition and naive theories. Dr. Ziv also  have great interest in developing and using new technologies for symptoms alleviation and as a complementary tool for diagnosis and therapy.


Dr. Naomi Ziv

Dr. Naomi Ziv is a senior lecturer in the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences department of the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN), She holds Ph.D (1999) in psychology from the university of Paris-X Nanterre.

Dr. Ziv taught in several institutions including Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv Yafo Academic college, Levinsky seminar, and others.

Research Interests and teaching

Psychology of music, focusing on music’s effect on attitudes, behavior, emotion and cognition.

School of Media Studies

Dr. Dan Arav

Dr. Dan Arav, Dean of the School of Media Studies, holds a B.A. from the Department of Film and Television at Tel-Aviv University (1985), an M.A. in Communication from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1993) and a Ph.D from the Porter School of Culture Studies at Tel-Aviv University.

His research fields are focused on ideological dimensions of popular culture, television and national memory in Israel, and media activism and social change.

Arav is the author of various articles and book chapters in the fields of Public Memory and Media Studies. His most recent book is Metim Lir’ot (Dying to See, 2017) is a deep survey on the televised memory of war in Israel. In 2012, along with Dr. David Gurevitch, he published the Encyclopedia of Ideas: Culture, Thought, Media (1623 p. Hebrew), which gained critical and public success.

Dan Arav is taking part in different aspects of the documentary television and some media productions. among them he was the creator and the series editor of IDF: The Musical: a documentary  TV series on the history of the Israeli army entertainment groups. The series was broadcasted in Channel 2. These days he narrates  Culture Hero – a radio program and a podcast at Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Shlomi Barzel

Dr. Eva Berger

Dr. Eva Berger is a senior lecturer and Head of the Program in Content and Production at the School of Media Studies of the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN), where she also served as Dean (2006-2012). She holds a B.A. from the Department of Film and Television at Tel-Aviv University (1985) and an M.A. (1986) and a Ph.D (1991) in Media Ecology from New York University.

Dr. Berger taught at NYU, Tel Aviv University, the Kibbutzim College of Education and the Sam Spiegel Film School, and has been part of the faculty at COLMAN for close to 30 years.

She has served on numerous boards and public service organizations including the Israel Peace Initiative, Israel Press Council, and Institute of General Semantics.

Eva has been a frequent commentator in the Israeli press on issues relating to media, language, gender and culture. She served on the editorial board of EME: Explorations in Media Ecology (The Journal of the Media Ecology Association), and is currently a member of the Editorial Board of Giluy Daat, a Multidisciplinary Journal on Education, Society and Culture, Seminar Hakibbutzim Publishers, as well as member of the Board of Trustees of  ETC.: A Review of General Semantics.

She served as Chairwoman of the board of Women in the Picture (the Association for the Advancement of Women in the Visual Arts).

She is the author of various articles and book chapters in the fields of Communication and Media Studies. Her most recent book (co-authored with Dr. Isaac Berger) is The Communication Panacea: Pediatrics and General Semantics.

Research Interests and teaching

Media Ecology, Gender, Advertising, Media and Technology, Health Communication, General Semantics.

Dr. Alina Bernshtein

Dr. Yuval Dror

Dr. David Levin

Inbal Shenhar

School of Design & Innovation

Dr. Arc. Shoshi Bar-Eli

Arc. Tali Cohen

Design. Michal Kastiel

Design. Sara Roffman

Dr. Gavin Suss

Educator, mentor, teacher in creative thinking and practical innovation. Combines practical hands on work in the industry with academic research. Dean and Head of the MA program at the School of Design and Innovation.

The School of Education

Mr. Muhammed Abu Nasra

Muhammad Abu Nasra is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the College of Management. He is currently completing his PhD degree in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Abu Nasra received his first and second degrees from the Department of Sociology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Previously, he taught at the Center for Academic Studies and served as Assistant Vice President at Al-Qasemi Academic College of Education. Technological entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and employee performance. His main research interests are ethnic entrepreneurship, technological entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and employee performance.

Dr. Rachel Bolless

Dr. Rachel Bolless is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education, the Department of Counselor Education, College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN).
She was a cofounder of the Department of School Counseling at the College for Academic Studies (MLA) Or-Yehuda Israel in 2008, and its coordinator for eight years (2008-2016) and the Head of the Department for two years (2017-2019).

Dr. Bolless taught at the Graduate Counseling Education Studies, Derby University the Israeli brunch (2003-2008). She was the Program Director MA studies in Education, the Northumbria University Newcastle U.K the Israeli brunch (1997- 2001), Academic staff in Liverpool University U.K. the Israeli brunch (1996), and a member of the Executive Committee of ICA Bar Ilan University (1995-1999).

She received her M.A., in Educational Counseling from NIU DeKalb IL. USA (1982), Postgraduate Studies in Family Therapy, Tel-Aviv University (1990), Advanced Professional Training “Pairs” The Family Relations Institute, Falls Church VA. USA (1990), Studies toward proficiency in “Human Dynamics” (1991), Gestalt Studies “The Gestalt Institute” Haifa (1994). Dr. Bolless received Ph.D. in Education; from the Union Institute Cincinnati OH. USA (1996). She became Authorized Family Mediator [official court certification] (2001), completed short terms focus psychotherapy (2008), and CBT studies (2018).

Through her professional life Dr. Bolless always integrated teaching and field work. During her 20 years of counseling in the schools system and 28 years of family therapy she was and still involved in working with high risk adolescence, crisis in the family, communication in the family, workshop with teachers, parents and kids on variety of topics. Her therapy approach is holistic, involving all the parts of the family and consulting with world that involves the patient.

Dr. Irit Harboun

Dr. Irit Harboun is a lecturer at the School of Education. Dr. Harboun’s field of research is the relationships between citizenship, democracy and education in Israel, and the collective action of the Palestinian minority in the field of education. She taught in the Faculty of Education at The Center for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda, and in the academic post-graduate teacher-training programs in civics at Kibbutzim College of Education

Ms. Etti Isler

Ms. Isler has been involved in community work and non-formal education for over 30 years. She has a BA in Informal Education and an MA in Community Education, as well as being a qualified mediator and Organizational Advisor. Currently, as part of her doctoral thesis, Ms Isler is researching how the professional and academic background of the director effects the success of the community center.

During her long and rich career, Ms. Isler has held many positions in the field of community and non-formal education, including:

  • Over fifteen years of working with the European Union youth program, Euromed, developing, managing and implementing exchanges and training sessions.
  • Responsible for the community – business program at the Israel Association of Community Centers
  • Currently is the Executive Director of the Israel Federation of Community Centers where she has initiated, developed and run dozens and perhaps hundreds of seminars, conferences, professional training, etc all in the field of community and non-formal education.
  • Board member of the international community organization IFS and the Jewish international community center organization JCC Global

Ms. Isler’s main areas of teaching and research in the academy are community and society, public policy, youth and community management, informal education and academic writing.

Prof. Irit Keynan

Prof. Irit Keynan, Dean of the School of Education, is a graduate of Tel Aviv University (B.A. and PhD). Prior to joining the College for Management, Irit taught at the College for Academic Studies in Or-Yehuda where she chaired the graduate program for Education, Society and Culture and the Institute for Civic Responsibility. She was a visiting scholar at the Taub Center in New York University (2009); a visiting professor at UCLA (2012), and a visiting researcher in the University of Massachusetts Lowell (2014).

Prof. Keynan has published extensively in the areas of collective memory, war trauma, victimhood, multiculturalism and social justice. She is also the author of two award winning books on the survivors of the Holocaust and on war trauma, and a co-editor of two essay collections on multiculturalism and on civil and cultural aspects of security.

In addition to her academic life, Prof. Keynan is also an active participant in the public domain. She was the founding executive director of The Rabin Center for Israel Studies and served as an advisor on social responsibility to the President of the University of Haifa entrusted, inter-alia, with fostering cooperation between the university and  underprivileged local communities, including establishing the still active students’ village. She is also the initiator, founder and board member of “Kav-Mashve”, a non-governmental association for equality in employment of Arab university graduates. Currently she chairs the Israeli academic forum for civil studies, and a member in the steering committee of a new initiative for educating towards democracy. Prof. Keynan also participates in reconciliation initiatives, focusing on overcoming the psychological barriers of collective memory.

Dr. Anat Rimon-Or

Dr. Bosmat Tubin

Dr. Hadas Weiss

Dr. Tal Yaakobi

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