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Faculty of Business


Established in 1978, the Faculty of Business is one of the largest and oldest business schools in Israel with more than 1,500 students. The Faculty’s degree program was the first ever fully recognized as academic, non-subsidized business program in Israel. Throughout the years, the Faculty has been recognized as a leading institution in Business Studies in Israel and has tens of thousands of alumni in Israel and over the world, who fulfill leading positions in a variety of functions, businesses and industries.

We offer various Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs based on a combination of theoretical and hands-on, dynamic approaches.  The programs and individual courses are adapted to a changing environment in terms of both theory and practice. Accordingly, its faculty members include leading experts from both academia and the business world.

Our Dean


Prof. Tamar Almor

Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

“The Faculty of Business’s core mission is to educate our undergraduate and graduate students in business competencies and technologies as well as in analytical and independent thinking. We aim to provide an educational experience to our students that will allow them to become successful, ethical, and socially responsible leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs. We have deep connections with industry, which allow our students to gain hands-on experience already during their studies and which prepare them for their further professional development.

We are incredibly proud of our diverse faculty, who create top-of-the-line courses and learning experiences and bring excitement into our courses. The faculty’s scholarly research covers various areas, from micro-finance to leadership development, health economics, international entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, and longevity economic innovation. Our faculty publish their research in peer-reviewed journals and present their findings at professional conferences. Also, many have applied work experience in their fields of teaching and research, which they bring to their classes.”

– Prof. Tamar Almor

Our Vision

We are committed to opening the gates of higher education to as many deserving students as possible, with a special emphasis on students who hitherto have been denied such access, and providing them with the best possible education in management, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, information systems and international business.

Our core vision – and the single element that has remained unchanged over the past 40 years, is to offer our students the potential for independence, uncompromising professionalism and responsibility, thus generating an impact not only on the world of business but also on the lives of its graduates and on society at large.

This vision is being realized: our tens of thousands of graduates who are the backbone of the business, accounting and management world in Israel, form an unparalleled network of support and engagement, of which you can be part as well.


The Faculty of Business offers its students the option to learn through experiences. Not only do we offer learning experiences in the classroom, but also the opportunity to experience and participate in hand-on projects in the local and the international business environment. Classes are conducted in Hebrew.

Undergraduate Programs

B.A in accounting

B.A. in Business Administration

A three-year, six semesters day program which will accredit you with a B.A in Business Administration. During the study program one can choose to specialize in:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Finance and capital markets
  • Advertising and digital marketing
B.A. in business with specialization Colman

B.A. in Business Administration evening program

A three-year, six semesters, evening program which will accredit you with a B.A in Business Administration, with the opportunity to specialize in finance & capital markets or digital marketing.

Double Major B.A in Information Systems Management

A three-year, six semesters double Major B.A in Information Systems Management

This myriad of programs is fostering the next generation of Israeli thinkers and doers in the fast-paced global economy. With career-oriented learning, mentoring by leading executive experts and a wide array of internship programs, business workshops and simulations, as well as the benefit of a vast international network of collaborations, the business management programs are where theory meets practice and professionalism meets innovation. Currently, there are 800 students studying towards their B.A. in these programs

Graduate Programs

MBA Program

We offer a three-semester MBA Program, based on two fall and one spring semester. Our MBA program allows for the option of a general MBA for those who prefer to pick various courses from the wealth of courses we have to offer. For those who prefer to specialize we offer the following options:

  • Finance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship & Tech Companies
  • Data & Information Systems
  • Digital Healthcare
Colman graduate programs
M.B.A. research thesis

Research-based MBA program

Our commitment to in-depth theoretical research and the recognition that research is a necessary condition to understanding the complex, dynamic global world, to updating the rapidly aging body of knowledge and to devising innovative business methods, underlies our research based MBA program. This program offers excelling students a comprehensive business education combined with advanced research skills and a close and meticulous methodological guidance. Students who choose this option, can start the research track after two semesters, provided they get accepted to the program, or they can choose to get accepted to this program after finishing their MBA studies. Each student in the program is provided with a thesis advisor and each student must develop and present their research as a written research thesis, which is evaluated by external examiners. The research thesis can provide the basis for acceptance to a PhD program in accredited universities.

Special Experiences and Courses

We offer various special experiences and courses throughout our undergraduate and graduate programs, including:

  1. Mobility Pioneers –  Undergraduate students participate in a joint project with German students, during which they advise various companies on innovative ideas and projects and travel to Germany.
  2. Participate in a real time business game  – Undergraduate students can participate in an international business game where they encounter various business dilemmas that need to be solved.
  3. Participate in a finance lab which enables students to understand financial investments better.
  4. Meet with managers from various industries and organizations.
  5. Meet with international exchange students and work on international teams.
  6. Participate in MIINT, an international IMPACT project with Wharton business school, geared towards MBA students.
  7. Participate in a seminar on International New Ventures, where MBA students discuss recent cases from Israel’s Startup Nation.
  8. Participate in “Management is a Profession” workshop where students are introduced to new and innovative aspects of management, such as digital currency, blockchain and digital story-telling.

Success Story

We have many graduate success stories. To give just a few examples; we have a graduate who recently IPO-ed his startup, a graduate who is the CMO at the extremely successful company “Gong” and a 5-time VP Marketing of various startups, a graduate who has been the CEO of various food companies, including Cofix and Willifood, a graduate who is a partner at one of the biggest accounting firms in Israel and a graduate who sits on boards of the biggest banks and insurance companies in Israel to name but a few. Come and join us and become our next success story!

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