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Design. Shai Shmuel

School of Design and Innovation

Shai Shmuel is a designer, who has completed his Bachelor degree in B.Design (interior) and Master degree in design, entrepreneurship, and innovation Graduated with honors from the school of design and innovation at the College of Management Academic Studies.

Shai’s connection to the field of planning and design began at the age of 16 when he studied architecture in high school and continued through a reserve program for an Architecture Practical Engineer degree. During his military service, he served as a project manager in the planning field.

After his studies, Shai founded a design studio for planning residential, office, and commercial environments. His studio specializes in design, consulting, and project managing for design and planning in the private sector and the business sector.

For many years, Shai has been lecturing in several schools and educational frameworks for design and architecture, on a wide range of subjects. Shai believes that “design is intended to provide us a powerful and empowering environment, which in first place comes to enrich our quality of life. Proper design combines functionality with aesthetics that can influence all areas of life. Design has the power to be a positive factor in our lives, with the designer’s role being the factor that combines all human needs into a designed, functional, and aesthetic space.”
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