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Design. Shay Eliyahu Kirshenzvaig

School of Design and Innovation

Shay Kirshenzvaig is a visual communication lecturer at the School of Design and Innovation since 2019. He is a graphic designer, with a bachelor’s degree with honors (B.DES) in the visual communication department at Shenker College and a master’s degree (M.DES) in the master’s degree program in design at Shenker College.

While teaching at COLMAN, Shay has been lecturing for years at design schools, specializing in visual communication. Shay is an independent designer with extensive experience working in design studios and advertising agencies, and specializes in branding, space design, exhibitions, posters, design for motion pictures, packaging, book and magazine design, advertising campaigns and more.

At the School of Design and Innovation, he teaches courses on typography, creating images, illustration, and more, emphasizing the development of conceptual and design thinking. In addition, Shay manages the In-house Studio of the School of Design and Innovation and is in charge of 4th year final projects. In academic research, Shay deals with the visual and design aspects of subjects that combine Israeli history and culture with local design.
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