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Dr. Gavin Suss

Gavin Suss

Dean - School of Design and Innovation

Gavin Suss is researcher, lecturer, and expert in the areas of innovation and creative thinking. Suss is one of the only Israelis that appear on www.expertisefinder.com and is known for his creative teaching techniques and metholdegies, he also works with leading companies in Israel and lectures worldwide. Dr Suss holds a PhD in Education and Management from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the Executive managers’ program at Harvard Business School. Suss studied at artists Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel in New York. He has published numerous papers and articles in important journals and books, likewise he contributes to all leading media in Israel, he is author of the books: “You Only Live Once” (2012) and “It’s All About Creativity” published in 2018. He recently (2020) contributed a chapter to the book “70 Years of Research into Creativity: J.P. Guildford’s Role and Today’s Focus”.

In the past decade he held a senior position as Director of learning in the innovation center at Keter Plastic headquarters (the largest plastic manufacture in the world). He works with leading Israeli companies, lectures abroad and is invited to important international conferences. In the past he served as Head of the Academic Administration at the Design and Engineering College “Shenkar”, after leaving Shenkar Suss continued to serve as a member of the MA committee of the Plastic engineering department at Shenkar and a member of the investment committee. He served as CEO of the High Committee for Public Colleges in Israel (2004-2006), likewise he was a board member for several years at the Infinity Investment Group and the Jewish Archives at the University of Jerusalem. In his free time Suss studies art and drawing with Neta Harel at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Suss is known for his unique, provocative, and inspiring classes, lectures, and workshops.
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