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Dr. Ella Sarel-Mahlev

School of Education

Ella Sarel-Mahlev is a faculty member at the College of Management. Her work has focused on the promotion of social-emotional learning in teacher training in collaboration with the ‘Mofet’ Institute, developing content for pedagogical instructors and lecturers. In addition, she was part of the ‘Mofet’ Resilience Team, which examined ways in which the education system can be strengthened to enhance national resilience.

Her area of expertise is suicide prevention in education. She founded the Lobby for Suicide Prevention in Higher Education. Between 2015 and 2021, she was employed by the Ministry of Education as an instructor in the Unit for Coping with Emergencies, Crises, and Suicide Prevention. As part of her role, she wrote an educational program for suicide prevention entitled “Choosing Life, Speaking Directly with Adolescents” as well as the framework for its implementation, training, and research. In Israel, the program is part of the national suicide prevention program.

The Equality Lab for Suicide Prevention Research among Individuals with Autism was established by her. A grant from the Israeli National Academy of Sciences enabled her to lead two international conferences on suicide prevention in education and special education.

She specializes in developing resilience and promoting mental well-being using pedagogy and technology. She completed her doctoral studies at Bar Ilan University with honors in the field of family influence on risk behavior and mental well-being among adolescents.
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