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Career Advisory Center


The Career Advisory Center serves as the focal point of COLMAN’s commitment to students’ career development, providing students with quality training and tools necessary to find meaningful work ooportunities.

The Career Advisory Center offers a vast network of connections with leading HR managers and recruiters. Along with personal placement services for students and graduates, the center hosts special industry interview days on-campus, and an annual employment fair with over 1,000 companies offering job opportunities

We believe that our task goes far beyond locating suitable employment opportunities upon graduation and strive to foster student’s success as professionals throughout their studies. Thus, we offer a comprehensive set of activities, programs and resources supporting students every step along their journey, among them are counseling, career exploration, various workshops offering practical know-how on career planning and building the necessary skillset for reaching one’s full career potential, as well as externship and internship programs, personalized interviewing advice, resume critiques and job placement.

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