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Dr. Shiri Daniels

School of Education

Dr. Shiri Daniels is the Head of the Educational Counseling masters’ program at Colman – The College of Management. She is the National Director of Counseling at ERAN – Israel’s largest hotline for emotional first aid via the telephone and internet. Dr. Daniels is an expert in listening skills, emotional first aid, online counseling, short-term counseling and crisis intervention.

Dr. Daniels is a member of the National Council of Suicide Prevention and the National Council of PTSD – Ministry of Health. As a preparedness, response and resilience expert dealing with national emergencies at ITC (Israel Trauma Coalition), she is an active participant in delegations and psycho-social training teams around the world.

Dr. Daniels is the author of “The Power of Listening – Helping those close to you in times of emotional distress and crisis” (2015) and “Analog Pain in a Digital Age – Positive coping with separation and divorce” (2018), published in Israel by Matar Publishing House.

Dr. Daniels has a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Education at the University of Haifa in the field of educational counseling, a Master’s degree in counseling, specializing in art therapy and bibliotherapy, and a Bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University in educational counseling, sociology and anthropology.
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