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The Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center


The Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center (NATJC) was founded in 2015, by Dr. Karni Perlman at the Striks Law Faculty, The College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN).

The center, first of its kind in Israel, has been established out of recognition of the changes taking place in the world and in Israel, with the goal of serving the academic and professional communities (judges, lawyers, mediators, evaluators, social workers) and to grant those communities with knowledge, tools and added value in the areas of collaborative law and therapeutic justice.

The NATJC’s main goals include;

  1. Developing research in the fields of collaborative and therapeutic justice;
  2. Promoting public discourse in Israel on issues involved in non-adversarial and therapeutic jurisprudence;
  3. Contributing to the design of a high standard and efficient professional practice for those involved in handling collaborative proceedings;
  4. Encouraging local and international initiatives with respect to Collaborative Law and Therapeutic Justice.

Collaborative Law & Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Collaborative law adopts a non-adversarial approach that deals with the needs and interests of parties to a dispute, and the pursuit of an agreed solution that meets the maximum interests of both sides. A common form of collaborative non-adversarial process is Mediation: an interactive process where an impartial third party, a mediator, assists disputing parties to settle a conflict or reach mutual agreement through the use of collaborative practices, specialized communication and negotiation techniques.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence (also known as “TJ”) is an interdisciplinary field adopting a collaborative approach with the aim of reaching restorative and rehabilitative results, as well as the psychological well-being of a party to the conflict and shaping of its future behavior. TJ observes the “therapeutic” and “anti-therapeutic” properties of laws, public policies, legal procedures, dispute resolution systems, and legal institutions.

Our Activities

NATJC Conferences and Seminars

Courses and Workshops

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Mediation and Negotiation International Competitions

International Relations

Publications and Research

Our Director

Dr. Karni Perlman

Academic Director

Dr. Karni Perlman is the founder and the Academic Director of the Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center. She specializes in the field of Law and Conflict Resolution. Her research interests and teaching are: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Settlement Judging, Online Dispute Resolution, Judicial Dispute Resolution, Lawyers’ role, Procedural Justice, Mediation, Gender, and Legal Education.

Perlman is the author of various academic articles and legal periodicals. Her book: Conflict Resolution – Applying Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice, published in Hebrew in 2015, became a fundamental textbook in the field of conflict resolution in Israel.

She is a member of the Global Advisory Council of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence.

Our Staff

Itay Krayden, Adv.


Adv. Itay Krayden has been the NATJC Director since 2018.

In addition, Adv. Itay Krayden practices law in the following fields: business and commercial law, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), corporate immigration law, regulation, and administrative and constitutional law.

Itay has vast expertise in risk management, compliance matters and the representation of corporations before regulators and government organizations. 

Itay has an LL.B degree (summa cum laude) from The College of Management (Colman) Striks Faculty of Law, won various awards for excellence during his studies and received prestigious prizes and scholarships. Itay served as an associate editor of the Hamishpat Law Review.

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