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Dr. Dalit Gafni

School of Economics

Dr. Dalit Gafni studied Economics in high-school, fell in love with the subject, and knew then that this is what she will do in life. Achieving very high grades in her Econometrics classes at the department of Economics at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem impressed her professors to offer her a teaching assistant role in the department, and later on a full teaching position. During her PhD studies she had her firstborn child, while the second one was born a day after she had submitted her dissertation.

Dr. Dalit Gafni is an associate professor (Israeli senior lecturer) of Economics and serves as vice dean of the School of Economics at the College of Management (COLMAN). She teaches statistics and econometrics and worked for various government research bodies as a leading researcher. Her work was published in leading international economics journals, including B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, The Journal of Economic Studies and The Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy.

Dr. Gafni manages the empirical research field at the School of Economics which includes: statistics, econometrics and economic research methods, statistical software, data analyst, big data for undergraduate students and, applied econometrics for Master’s degree. Dr. Gafni is an expert in Labor Economy and her research focuses mainly on gender and ethnics wage discrimination. Dr. Gafni’s main forte is her quotative empirical economic research ability.

“Persistence is no less important than talent. I witness that with my students throughout my career. Persistency, responsibility, seriousness and motivation have a substantial effect no less important than natural talent”.
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