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guy shani

Dr. Guy Shani

School of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology

Guy Shani holds a PhD in Sociology from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University. His research focuses on the middle class in Israel and the relationship between class, place, and identity.

Guy studied the housing choices of middle-class households in Tel Aviv and Beersheba and published articles in leading journals about the local formation of aesthetic tastes, attitudes toward diversity and patterns of entering adulthood. In addition, he published articles dealing with political unfriending in Facebook, and with the violent events of May 2021 from an urban perspective. These days, Guy is researching, together with Prof. Uri Schwartz, Facebook groups in the mixed city of Jaffa. At the college, Guy teaches various courses in sociological thinking, sociology of education and life course, sociology of young-adult and more.
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