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Rachel Bolless

Dr. Rachel Bolless

School of Education

Dr. Rachel Bolless is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education, the Department of Counselor Education, College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN).

She was a cofounder of the Department of School Counseling at the College for Academic Studies (MLA) Or-Yehuda Israel in 2008, and its coordinator for eight years (2008-2016) and the Head of the Department for two years (2017-2019).

Dr. Bolless taught at the Graduate Counseling Education Studies, Derby University the Israeli brunch (2003-2008). She was the Program Director MA studies in Education, the Northumbria University Newcastle U.K the Israeli brunch (1997- 2001), Academic staff in Liverpool University U.K. the Israeli brunch (1996), and a member of the Executive Committee of ICA Bar Ilan University (1995-1999).

She received her M.A., in Educational Counseling from NIU DeKalb IL. USA (1982), Postgraduate Studies in Family Therapy, Tel-Aviv University (1990), Advanced Professional Training “Pairs” The Family Relations Institute, Falls Church VA. USA (1990), Studies toward proficiency in “Human Dynamics” (1991), Gestalt Studies “The Gestalt Institute” Haifa (1994). Dr. Bolless received Ph.D. in Education; from the Union Institute Cincinnati OH. USA (1996). She became Authorized Family Mediator [official court certification] (2001), completed short terms focus psychotherapy (2008), and CBT studies (2018).

Through her professional life Dr. Bolless always integrated teaching and field work. During her 20 years of counseling in the schools system and 28 years of family therapy she was and still involved in working with high risk adolescence, crisis in the family, communication in the family, workshop with teachers, parents and kids on variety of topics. Her therapy approach is holistic, involving all the parts of the family and consulting with world that involves the patient.
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