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International Relations


The Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center encourages international cooperation and networking to promote Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Jurisprudence practices. The NATJC is pleased to host international partners in our center and to participate in international academic and professional events and forums dedicated to Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Contact our center for more information and international collaboration.

In addition the NATJC constantly encourages and expands its international research cooperation in the fields of Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Jurisprudence, sharing of knowledge and comparative law.

Examples of participation in international conferences and international cooperation:

The NATJC is planning to participate in IALMH Lyon Congress 2022 (International Academy of Law and Mental Health) as part of the Therapeutic Jurisprudence’s stream.

Participated in a conference of the Law and Society Association in New Orleans, “Settlement Judging: Choosing between a Wide and a Narrow Model”.

Participated in NAJ 2017 conference, Australia: “Second International Conference on Non-Adversarial Justice: Integrating Theory and Practice”.

The NATJC hosted Prof. Arie Freiberg, international legal academic expert for Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Jurisprudence, former Dean of the Faculty Law at Monash University, Melbourne Australia. As part of his visit to the NATJC, Prof. Freiberg has lectured in the Striks Law Faculty Academic Staff Seminar about: “Non-Adversarial Approaches to Criminal Justice in Victoria”.

Hosted Prof. David B. Wexler, President of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence (ISTJ), for the first Israeli “Therapeutic Jurisprudence Week”. Watch David Wexler’s lecture on NATJC YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/ASl7Ll5Wm54

Hosted Prof. Susan L. Brooks of Drexel University for an academic seminar.

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