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Mediation and Negotiation International Competitions


Our student teams participate in various prestigious international competitions for mediation and negotiation. Over the years, our students achieved outstanding results in the ICC and CDRC-Vienna competitions.

(1) The ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition – one of the biggest educational competitions dedicated exclusively to international commercial mediation. Students from dozens of universities compete to settle international commercial conflicts through mediation under the ICC Mediation Rules. Some of the top conflict resolution experts in the world participate as judges, who assess each team’s performance.

 (2) CDRC Vienna – the IBA-VIAC CDRC VIENNA Mediation and Negotiation Competition, established in 2015, brings together negotiation and mediation student teams from all around the world. The teams (22 negotiation teams and 11 mediation teams) address an arbitration case, are grouped in sessions, and are assessed and supported by expert judges.

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