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School of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology


Established in 1994, the School of Behavioral Sciences and Psychology offers a unique blend of robust theoretical studies in psychology, sociology, and anthropology, with unparalleled practical field experience and community engagement.

The School offers two academic undergraduate programs: one in Behavioral Sciences and another in Psychology. In addition, we offer four academic graduate programs: Family Studies, Organizational Consulting and Development, Psychology of Sports and Clinical Psychology. The School cooperates with organizations and companies that allow students to volunteer clinical work and gain hands-on experience in the field by participating in various field activities and by working on actual, real-life issues with individuals, families, and organizations. Classes are conducted in Hebrew.  All programs operate under the ratification of Council of Higher Education (CHE).

Our Dean

Prof. Keren Friedman-Peleg

Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology

“The school of Behavioral Sciences and Psychology provides the opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and their in-depth understanding of Israeli society. By offering a unique blend of the Social Sciences, we create a special learning experience. All graduate programs offer hands-on experience as well as theoretical understanding of people and how they think and function, alone and in groups and organizations.”

– Prof. Tamar Almor

Our Vision

Our mission is to create an intimate and supportive learning environment to help students realize their full academic potential. We provide a nourishing academic environment for students from diverse backgrounds by creating a tolerant, student-centered, and empowered learning culture. Our role is to enable students to become professionals and scholars in the various fields of the Social Sciences and provide them with the intellectual, professional, and emotional capacities to lead a meaningful life in their chosen path.


Undergraduate Programs

B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

The program exposes students to the diverse and multidisciplinary aspects of sociology, psychology, and anthropology. Courses addressing human behavior, social order and organizations, as well as an in-depth understanding of cultural concepts are offered. The program provides students with a broad theoretical basis that allows them to continue their education towards graduate degrees in social sciences as well as psychology.


B.A. in Psychology

The program offers theoretical, experimental, and research-based courses that cover the different areas of psychology, preparing students for graduate degrees in psychology and adjoining areas of study. Upon completing their undergraduate degree, graduates can join the workforce as professionals with theoretical and experiential know-how in psychology combined with knowledge and skills acquired from their Minor.

Undergraduate Minors

Both undergraduate programs require a Minor. During their undergraduate studies, students are required to choose a Minor either in Human Resources Management or in Community Management in the Physical and Digital Sphere.

Minor in Human Resource Management

This minor prepares students for the dynamic world and changing demands of human resources (HR) management. Most advanced courses are taught by lecturers who have extensive hands-on experience. Many lecturers are engaged in consulting or work as senior managers in HR. For students who do not seek to continue their education, this minor prepares them well for the labor market. Graduates of this minor are coveted employees in the various fields of HR.

Minor in Community Management in the Physical and Digital Sphere

This minor prepares students for a new profession, that of community management. Community management is a growing profession, which is required, among others,  by many NGOs and other organizations that manage volunteers, but also by high-tech companies which create virtual communities as well as HR managers who create international communities of employees in different countries. This minor provides students with theoretical understanding of the formation and creation of groups as well as their management. In addition, students will participate in hands-on courses, during which they will receive practical experience.


Graduate Programs

M.A. in Family Studies

This unique, two-year (4 semesters), graduate program offers its students a specialization in family counselling.

The family unit is undergoing major transformations in the 21st century. The program’s mission is to generate professional family counsellors as well as policy makers, who can work in various organizations while focusing on family issues and creating policies that address family and gender issues. This program introduces students to the main issues concerning families today. These issues are addressed at three levels: micro (the individual in the family), mezzo (the family unit) and macro (society and culture).

We cultivate students’ skills in family counselling: evaluations, assessments, and counseling intervention methods and provide a solid foundation for addressing family issues both theoretically and practically.  All students receive theoretical as well as practical training during their studies.


M.A. in Organizational Consulting & Development

This graduate program offers its students specialization in organizational consulting. The program was founded in 2004 and was the first of its kind in Israel. It is characterized by an innovative and unique approach, with emphasis on rejuvenation of the profession geared towards the needs of organizations in the 21st century. During their studies, students are encouraged to think strategically and are provided with skills to assimilate new knowledge and methods in the workplace. This leading multidisciplinary academic program trains practitioners in the field of organizational consulting using state-of-the-art, experiential learning techniques. All students receive theoretical as well as practical training during their studies.

M.A. in Sports, Effort & Physical Training Psychology

This two-year program heralds Israel’s first master’s degree in Psychology of Sports, Effort and Physical Training. The program is coordinated together with the head psychologist at the Ministry of Health to establish a psychology of sports program, a formal specialization of the Israeli Psychological Association and includes practical training.

Graduates of the MA program are fully certified to tend to and assist athletes in various associations and teams in all personal and group sports. Sports psychologists will also be able to work in schools and youth clubs, the IDF and with private clients, providing the amateur and professional athlete with the tools to create the ideal mental climate for enabling their best physical abilities and determination to fulfill their goals and advance the development, health and well-being of the individual during his life through fitness and sports activities. The knowledge created and the tools and skills learned throughout this degree allow its graduates to work not only with athletes, but also with senior managers and others who work in high-pressure environments in which they have to perform at their best over time while attaining their goals and maintaining their physical and mental health.


M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Cultural and economic changes in the Western world create complex challenges for adolescents and young adults who may find it difficult to find their path towards their adult lives. This unique, two-year, graduate program offers clinical psychology studies with a specialization in the unique issues and challenges that concern adolescents and young adults. The program provides its students with in-depth understanding, knowledge and clinical skills geared towards the younger generation. It also addresses unique issues of Israel’s society, such as the occurrence of PTSD among some of those that served in the IDF. In addition to the theoretical studies, students will acquire practical experience in mental health institutions and hospitals.

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