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NATJC Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars

The Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center (NATJC) holds academic and professional conferences and participates regularly in such.

In November 2018, the Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center hosted the first Israeli “Therapeutic Jurisprudence Week”.

The honorary guest and a keynote speaker was Prof. David B. Wexler, President of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence (ISTJ).

The main events that took place as part of the Therapeutic Jurisprudence Week:

  1. A seminar held in collaboration with Dr. Tali Gal, Haifa University, in which students presented research papers written under the guidance of Dr. Karni Perlman, the Head of the NATJC and Dr. Tali Gal. The papers covered a range of topics related to Therapeutic Justice. The seminar’s special guests were Prof. Susan L. Brooks of Drexel University, and Prof. David Wexler.

         Watch David Wexler’s lecture on NATJC YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/ASl7Ll5Wm54 

  1. The launching of the Israeli Chapter of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence (ISTJ). This Israeli Chapter added to the growing list of ISTJ Chapters including the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Nepal, Ibero-America and Oceania.

          The event was held in collaboration with Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sangero, the College of Law and Business.

  1. Academic panel with Prof. Wexler as the keynote speaker about “Conflict Resolution and Therapeutic Justice”. The panel was held at the International Conference on Innovations in Conflict Resolution and Mediation (ICRM) at Tel-Aviv University.

In December 2019, the NATJC held the conference “Dispute Settlers – Dilemmas and Challenges Towards 2020”. The conference dealt with dilemmas and challenges dispute settlers are currently facing, including judges, attorneys representing in collaborative proceedings, therapeutic practitioners and mediators. The conference included two discussion panels: “Challenges and Dilemmas of Mediators and Lawyers in Collaborative Proceedings”; and “Challenges and Ethics of Judges in Their Role as Dispute Settlers”. In addition, for the first time the center hosted an improvisational theater performance, which dramatized mediation dilemmas raised spontaneously by the audience.

In January 2018, the annual conference of the NATJC dealt with a unique and innovative topic, “Mediation, Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Military Service”, and examined various possibilities for implementing principles of non-adversarial and therapeutic jurisprudence practices with respect to conflicts arising from military service.

A keynote speaker was the Chief Military Prosecutor, Colonel (Res.) Sharon Zagagi-Pinchas, who lectured about the treatment of crime victims in the Israel Defense Forces.

The first panel discussion of the conference dealt with the issue of dealing with the crime of desertion. The second panel dealt with disabled veterans and the scope of their rights. Watch the panel discussion at the NATJC YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/T2z_-wvSoQs

In addition, the NATJC granted a special “NATJC Award” to Dr. Peretz Segal, in recognition of Dr. Segal’s extensive activities and efforts to promote ways of settling conflicts in a non-adversarial approach, in course of his roles, inter alia, as former Head of the Consultancy and Legislation Department at the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

On November 2016 the NATJC held an annual conference, which dealt with the subject of the combination of judging, mediation and treatment.

The conference was attended by the President of the Israeli Supreme Court (retired) Justice Dr. Asher Grunis, Director General of the Ministry of Justice Emi Palmor, Tel Aviv District Court Judge Shaul Shohat, President of the Juvenile court Judge Galit Wygodzki Mor, Director of Support Services Unit, Family Courts and Religious Courts Social Worker Anat Inbar, Head of the Mediation Unit in the Courts Administration Adv. Natalie Levy and Head of the Tel Aviv District Bar Association Adv. Inon Heiman.

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