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The School of Media Studies pioneered the academization of media studies in Israel. For over a quarter of a century it has enabled over 6000 graduates to develop satisfying careers and play a pivotal role in key positions in advertising, marketing, public-relations, the written press, the radio, television, and digital media in Israel. Currently, there are some 650 students enrolled in the School of Media Studies.


Dr. Dan Arav, Dean of the School of Media Studies, holds a B.A. from the Department of Film and Television at Tel-Aviv University (1985), an M.A. in Communication from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1993) and a Ph.D from the Porter School of Culture Studies at Tel-Aviv University.  

His research fields are focused on ideological dimensions of popular culture, television and national memory in Israel, and media activism and social change.

Arav is the author of various articles and book chapters in the fields of Public Memory and Media Studies. His most recent book is Metim Lir’ot (Dying to See, 2017) is a deep survey on the televised memory of war in Israel. In 2012, along with Dr. David Gurevitch, he published the Encyclopedia of Ideas: Culture, Thought, Media (1623 p. Hebrew), which gained critical and public success.    

Dan Arav is taking part in different aspects of the documentary television and some media productions. among them he was the creator and the series editor of IDF: The Musical: a documentary  TV series on the history of the Israeli army entertainment groups. The series was broadcasted in Channel 2. These days he narrates  Culture Hero – a radio program and a podcast at Kan – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.


The School’s vision is to enable its students to become the media people of the future. This requires adaptability to change over time as well as the provision of the “tool-box” necessary for life-long learning on the part of its graduates. In the light of this objective, the School offers a broad inter-disciplinary theoretical familiarity with philosophy, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, gender studies, political science and management coupled with professional specialization in writing, photography, editing, design, production etc. The faculty’s blend of academics and professionals reflects this approach and further allows for networking and placement.

Undergraduate Programs


Advertising and Marketing
Advertising and Marketing

This specialization provides students with both knowledge and tools for changing and designing perceptions and reality. At the base of the courses and workshops in the specialization lies the recognition that media are key working tools and channels for promoting commercial, political and educational purposes and personal and social goals.

Content and Creation
Content and Creation

This specialization qualifies students for a variety of roles such as content editors, journalists, screenwriters for drama and comedy, documentaries and more.