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Simulation of “the designers/entrepreneurs work”

Graduate degree – Accelerator

As part of the graduate program, students are required to participate in completing the degree in a lab – an accelerator that aims to identify a problem or challenge and find a creative solution with tools learned in the degree and offer a business plan with technological and business feasibility. Each year each cycle manages to issue at least one group that manages to raise money or sell the product / service.

This year a group of students managed during the degree to establish a company called “Lichi”. The company has developed a platform that reduces the process and cost of mediation between farmers and marketing networks. Accelerator teams are formed during the study tour abroad in the summer semester and are guided by mentors with various specializations such as: finance, business plan, strategy, UX-UI, design and more. This year there were six mentors, including three graduates of the program in the past and some volunteering.

Establishment of a student studio "" INHOUSE // Design concept and strategy 2019

INHOUSE Studio was established as part of the specialization in a program for visual communication in space. The studio is a simulation of an industrial design studio located in the school area and run by the students with the support of the program head. In 2019-2020 projects dealt with the world of visual communication and included graphic design, branding, management, design and marketing on social networks and digital media. Among the projects in the studio: branding and design visibility of the entrance exams to the school, branding for a design conference in collaboration with a business school, branding of spring workshops, design of an outstanding ceremony at the School of Computer Science, branding and design of special events at the school and management of the design school’s social networks.

Designer Clinic - Design Lab 2020

A one-of-a-kind entrepreneurship in Israel enables design students to work to improve the daily lives of various groups in the population as part of professional-design collaboration. Design Lab – The design lab aims to create a framework through which needs that can best be met by the state, local authorities or the private market can be met, while collaborating with various bodies. As part of the activities of the design laboratory, projects led by a mentor are selected, accompanied by a team of several students and together they arrive at a solution to the design problem defined for the various clients. In the laboratory, students gain a great deal of knowledge and experience in front of real clients and projects and receive the internship hours required for the degree. The first project this year, is in the context of International Nurse Year. As part of collaboration with Tel Aviv University School of Nursing, students will design the foyer, public spaces and classrooms throughout the School of Nursing. Another project is in collaboration with the academic track and its goal is to design innovative learning complexes in two classrooms. Some of the projects were postponed due to the corona crisis.

Workshop - from Academy to Practice

An innovative and unique workshop for the School of Design and Innovation that takes place during the summer semester. The workshop is conducted in the format of a design office that includes the hierarchical structure of an office. Students learn practically what the work environment that characterizes a design studio is. Students learn the work procedures, while meeting professional requirements and meeting schedules. The work in the course is conducted in front of “a real client” and in front of a project required for realization in a real space and within a given budget.
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