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Collaborations within the schools curriculum

"Designers of Memory" - State Proclamation Design Competition 5720 (2020) for Holocaust Remembrance Day - Yad Vashem - as part of the Image Making course - third year

This year the competition focused on Yad Vashem’s annual theme “: Salvation by Jews – Solidarity in the World is disintegrating.” A wide and varied range of designers and artists also participated this year in the competition for the design of the state poster. First place went to student Rotem Shariri from the School of Design and Innovation.

CAD to CAM Workshop

CAD to CAM workshop is a hands-on design workshop which exposes students to cutting edge technologies, being used in the field of design and architecture. Students learn to collaborate advanced digital design tools (both modeling and coding) with computer controlled machinery, such as laser cutting machines, CNC milling and 3D printers.

Along the course, students review the history of digital fabrication processes, experience the different technologies and the workshop’s outcomes are 1:1 scaled furniture pieces, designed and manufactured in the schools workshops and by the students themselves.

Green Building Workshop

This workshop is unique to the School of Design and Innovation and deals with green interior design as well as sustainable construction and design (Green Building), according to the latest standards of the Israeli Standards Institute and the international WELL standard, as well as the American LEED standard. Students learn to develop creative, socially meaningful responses to challenging design problems, while realizing the importance of integrating critical ecological thought within the design process. At the end of the workshop each student will be eligible for a Green Building Accompaniment Certificate that can be proudly incorporated into his/her resume. The certificates are awarded to students in a special occasion.
Green thinking environments at the new “Shevach School”, Tel Aviv

Design Lecture Series

In this series, which runs throughout the academic year, distinguished interior designers and architects from Israel and abroad are invited to lecture and present their projects. The lectures take place every other week and students across all years who participate are exposed to some of the most interesting design and architectural projects.

Student Exchange Program

This program sends students from our school to design and architecture schools abroad while foreign students come to our school for one semester or for short workshops. The school maintains students exchange programs with leading schools and departments of international design and architecture around the world.

Hospitality Innovations Advanced Studio Course

Hospitality design and construction work continues to be very active all around the world. Hotel developers search for new guest experiences both in the physical and digital worlds. Students get a deep inside look into today’s modern world travellers by exploring their needs and demands for creating client satisfaction. The design and aesthetic requirements need to be balanced with the day-to-day activities of serving many people as well as the need to address the well-being, health, safety, and welfare needs of those people. In light of all of these dynamic conditions, this advanced studio course looks at some specific ways that designers can contribute in innovative ways to create very successful hospitality spaces.

Short Commercial and Retail Spaces Studio

In is six week studio course, students learn step by step how to create a retail space with a unique concept. A successful commercial space is one that connects with its customers and invites them not only to buy but to come back again and again. The main objective for the students is to create unique shopping experiences through design, to ensure that the brand is remembered. In this six week studio course, students learn step by step how to create an innovative retail space with a unique concept that sells in today’s challenging retail environment. Students go through a creative process, they learn how to professionally present their project to the client with combinations of media and advanced software.
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