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Creating Educational Innovation

The external relations department at COLMAN has facilitated collaboration between the Municipality of Jerusalem and the COLMAN School of Design. They are working together on a project dealing with considering the future of the educational system.

What will learning spaces look like in the future and how will they affect the learning experience? These are issues that undergraduate students in COLMAN’s undergraduate program in the Visual Communication track are tackling as part of their annual project. The project is a collaboration with the Director of Education of the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Lavi Foundation, coordinated by COLMAN’s external relations department.

Tali Cohen Anderson, senior lecturer in COLMAN’s School of Design and Innovation notes that the project addresses the question of what a future learning environment should look like and what impact its design should have on how it is taught, content taught, community in which it operates and other factors. 

**File** Children during a class at the Arison Campus Arts School, Tel Aviv. May 26 2006. Campus Arison Arts School is an Elementary school as well as a Junior High school, it focuses in art subjects as a major part of the school studies. Photo by Moshe Shai/Flash90. **Maariv & Agencies Out**

The students visit 15 different schools in Jerusalem, including some in East Jerusalem. Each team is accompanied by a senior designer or architect and after performing in-depth research, offers design solutions that address the various elements – technological, environmental, social and community.
The students present their final project in an exhibition at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem to senior officials in the Municipality of Jerusalem and the education system. Three projects will be selected to receive a budget to actually implement them.

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