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Karni Perlman

Dr. Karni Perlman

Haim Striks School Of Law

Dr. Karni Perlman is a researcher and lecturer in the field of Law and Conflict Resolution. She is a lecturer and the Head of the Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center at Striks School of Law, College of Management Academic Studies, Israel.

Perlman is also an adjunct lecturer at the Evens Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Tel-Aviv University.

She holds a LL.B. (cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University (1990); a MA (cum laude) (Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Graduate Program) from Bar-Ilan University (2005) and a Ph.D (cum laude) from the Law Faculty at Bar-Ilan University (2010).

Dr. Perlman specializes in the field of Law and Conflict Resolution both academically and in practice. She is the author of various academic articles and other publications. Perlman’s book, Conflict Resolution – Applying Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice, introduces important transformations that have taken place in the content of judges’ roles as dispute settlers and explains the nature of settlement judging and therapeutic judging. It also describes the change that is taking place in the content of lawyers’ roles.

At the level of legal practice, Dr. Perlman is a well-known mediator who actively mediates cases in the field of commercial and labor law. She participates regularly in international mediation and negotiation competitions in which she serves as a judge or as a coach of student teams. Perlman is the founder and former chairperson of the first Israeli academic mediation center.

Perlman is a frequent lecturer in continuing legal education programs for judges and attorneys, and organizes advanced courses and training workshops for professionals involved in collaborative proceedings.

Dr. Perlman is a member of the Global Advisory Council of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the chairperson of the Israeli Chapter for Therapeutic Jurisprudence. She is also the founder and manager of the Israeli academic lecturers’ forum for collaborative justice.

Research Interests and teaching: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Settlement Judging and Judicial Dispute Resolution, Problem-Solver Lawyers, Procedural Justice, Mediation, Gender, and Legal Education
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