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Dr. Kfir Bar

Dr. Kfir Bar

School of Computer Science

Dr. Kfir Bar is a Senior Lecturer at the Computer Science School of the College of Management. He has spent many years working in a wide range of natural language processing (NLProc) disciplines, including statistical machine translation, machine and deep learning, and language generation. He teaches courses in computer and data science, including natural language processing and deep learning.

Kfir holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Tel Aviv University for a thesis on Semantics and Machine Translation. In addition, Dr. Bar is the Chief Scientist of Basis Technology, based out of Boston, MA. Before joining Basis, Kfir worked at Intuview as CTO, supporting national security and counter-terrorism missions by deducing authorship, sentiment, intent, and other contextual information. In 2013, he co-founded Comprendi, which transforms big data into actionable marketing insights.
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