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Dr. Joy Benatov

School of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology

Dr Joy Benatov is a faculty member at the Department of Psychology at the College of Management Academic Studies.

Dr Benatov is a child and adolescents clinical psychologist. She holds a B.Sc from Tel-Aviv University (2004); a M.A and Ph.D from Bar-Ilan University(2011). Served as a post-doc fellow at the Interdisciplinary Center (2016).

She has worked at the Ministry of Health, and at Schneider Children’s Medical Center. Her work is aligned with the scientist-practitioner model. As a clinician she specializes in clinical evaluation and psychological treatment of at risk youth and their families that suffer from mental disorders and emotional difficulties. Experienced in applying a variety of evidence based psychotherapeutic interventions such as: Psychodynamic Treatment, Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Mentalization based therapy.

Her main research areas include suicide prevention among adolescents, specifically identifying high risk groups and characterizing unique risk factors and trajectories contributing to suicidal risk among these groups. As well as, developing evidence based suicide prevention strategies within educational settings. An adjacent field of study she studies is the connection between bullying and suicide behavior among children and adolescents. An additional field of research Dr Benatov is focused on is development of school-based psycho-educational intervention programs for enhancing psychological resiliency and decreasing intergroup prejudice.

She serves as an advisor to national organizations such as the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, Ministry of Education.

She serves as a reviewer for several peer review journals (Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Transcultural Psychiatry, European Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry).

Research Interests: Suicidiology, Depression, Bullying, School-based interventions. Teaching: Abnormal psychology, Developmental psychology, At risk Youth, Conduct problems.
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