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Dr. Gillie Gabay

Dr. Gillie Gabay

School of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology

Dr. Gillie Gabay is a senior lecturer at the College of Management Academic Studies (Colman), and a member of the School of Behavioral Sciences and Psychology, where she served as the head of the Graduate Organizational Development program (2016), the chair of the school’s steering committee (2016) and the chair of the Systemic Organizational Development Track which she founded (2009-2016).

She holds a Bachelor degree in Social work from Tel-Aviv University (1992); a Master degree in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University and a Ph.D (2000) in Business Administration and Systems Science from Portland State University, Oregon, U.S.A. Her doctoral dissertation supervisor was Prof. Talya Bauer.

Dr. Gabay taught at Tel-Aviv University and at Portland State University and is a visiting professor and a research fellow at the school of health economics, University Cattolica, Rome.

Dr. Gabay serves as an ad hoc reviewer at the Advances in Healthcare Management Journal (Emerald), INHP Israel, QMJ International Journal of Medicine, PLOS One, Journal of Medical Ethics and Qualitative Health Research.

She served as a volunteer with teen moms at the Salvation Army, with youth at Unistream organization and with the mentally retarded at a non-profit organization.

She is the founder of the patient-doctor center for intervention and research and she manages a public blog aimed at promoting patient-centered care.

She is the author of three books in the field of the doctor-patient relationship. Her most recent books (co-authored with Moskowitz, Silcher, Gere, and Zemel) deal with patient-centered care and medical professionalism in hospitalizations. She published in Journals such as: Qualitative Health Research, BMC Medical Ethics, Bioethics, Patient Education and Counseling, and more. She leads and is involved in international research on resilience of medical professionals in public hospitals.

Dr. Gabay works with managements in leading systemic changes in complex organizations.

Research Interests

Patient-centered care, antecedents and outcomes of trust in health: reducing re-admissions, resilience, patient-clinician communication, burnout in health.
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