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Traditional geography is overtaken by the digital age. Globalization and technology are the masters engines of the 21st century. The movement of data, capital, people and goods across borders is a reality that affects all human activities. It also affects higher education.

Prof. Dafna Kariv

Prof. Dafna Kariv, Vice-President for Development and Global Initiatives , is also the Director of NOVUS Center of Entrepreneurship, head of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship program at School of Business, is a graduate of Tel Aviv University and Technion Institute of Technology. She has been a visiting professor at MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Munster University, and HEC Montreal.

Her research focuses on international entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial performance, entrepreneurial education and gender.

In this dynamic era of globalization, multinational corporations, and the amalgamation of the Israeli and foreign technological and economic ecosystems, we believe that special educational models should be offered to Israeli and foreign students, allowing them to acquire a global blend of academic and practical experience with their future global peers.

This model offers students an opportunity to earn prestigious international degrees, unique entrepreneurial skill-set, and a priceless global networking. During studies, students get a chance to develop their own project – in Israel they work on ideation, early development and launch of concepts, and in the US, they work on finances and finally launch their venture.


Graduates are granted with a dual degree:

M.S. in Entrepreneurship from Baruch College, University of New York

M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship from The COLLMAN


The program combines online teaching along with frontal courses, and first-hand experience with the Israeli tech and start-up ecosystem.

All courses are taught by senior staff of The COLLMAN and of Baruch College.

The program consists of three stages:

  • Attending courses in Israel or online from anywhere worldwide.
  • A semester in Israel alongside international students, with seminars offered by The COLLMAN and Baruch College faculty, as well as visiting entrepreneurs and professionals; visits to and a chance to intern at promising Israeli start-ups.
  • 3 weeks in NYC, with entrepreneurship courses in Manhattan, and visits to leading NYC start-ups, entrepreneurship complexes and the Nasdaq.
Professional workshops

We offer short, concentrated workshops for anyone looking for new approaches to businesses, for acquiring and generating fresh knowledge, for meeting with leading figures of the Israeli ecosystem and for tasting academia through practical lenses.


Intensive workshops, ranging from half-a-day to a two-day program can be combined with academic tourism, personal or professional visits to Israel, corporate excursions, or work-related meetings in Israel.


Four workshops are opening in September 2018 and in December 2018:

  • Starting a business in the startup-nation
  • Navigating through the digital disruption
  • Doing Business innovatively in and with Israel
  • Israel as a Start-up Nation
Joint courses

The COLLMAN is collaborating with several academic institutes worldwide in joint courses/ These include: 

  • Virtual Incubator – an entrepreneurship course where students at four global institutes participate simultaneously in an online course, three hackathons and a demo day.


  • Automotive Problem Solving – outstanding students from The COLLMAN and Neu Ulm University, co-develop a solution to a problem presented by Daimler TSS – Mercedes Benz.


  • Problem Based Learning – outstanding students from The COLLMAN and Freiburg University gather to examine challenges, using a Problem Based Learning method and suggest their solutions, in collaboration with Smart Green incubator
Erasmus+ Exchange Program

The COLLMAN is part of the Erasmus+ Exchange program, offering exchange of students and faculty members with EU institutes, and collaboration in creating joint courses and degrees.


As a major player in tech ecosystem, The COLLMAN offers custom-made bootcamps with startup education for worldwide participants. Bootcamp participants can experience the Israeli tech ecosystem, ideation and pitching workshops and demo days.

International Delegations

The COLLMAN hosts numerous delegations from all over the world all year through. Each delegation is tailor-made by content and duration to satisfy the needs of its participants. Lecturers are The COLLMAN faculty members, and experts from the Israeli ecosystem.

Israeli Delegations

As the largest college in Israel, The COLLMAN also enables its students to participate in worldwide business, innovation & entrepreneurship delegations, competitions, and visits.

School-Specific Activities

Most COLLMAN’s Schools and Programs include international activities ranging from joint degrees to exchange programs and participation in international competitions.


The School of Business Administration

  • International Activities on Campus: Entrepreneurship Without Borders; Tavistock Workshop; ISRAMUN (Israel Model UN)


The Haim Striks School of Law

  • Collaborative courses and programs exist with leading schools abroad, including Oxford University, Queen Mary’s College, and Columbia University. In addition, the school initiates innovative programs in legal education with leading schools around the globe, among them Cardozo Law School, New York – one of the leading institutions in the field of mediation and developing alternatives to conflict resolution; the School of Law and Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics, Poland; the Academy of Human Rights at the European University Institute in Florence and more.
  • Some 200 students a year participate in specialized summer courses in Europe and the in US.
  • scholarships for LL.M. studies abroad.
  • Exposure to leading international guests.
  • Opportunities to compete in international competitions such as the International Chamber of Commerce competition in Paris or the UN Model in The Hague.


School of Economics

  • GPAC – Global Partnership of Asian Colleges – Economics students conference
  • Summer seminars in CUC (Tokyo) and India


School of Design and Innovation

  • Student workshops in Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands; Students exchange program with ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Dessau Institute of Architecture, Willem de Kooning Academy at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and more; Delegations to competitions in China and Malaysia; Master classes with guest lecturers from abroad.